Advertising Slogans

Slogans are, I think, is what makes a Brand more memorable and stays on the consumers mind for quite a while. But creating a slogan is not for the sake of just creating an advertising slogan. It have to be simple and memorable. Relevant to the target and unique to the brand. It should also be a consumer language. It is also said by advertising experts and even theorize that slogans are more important than visual executions because what we hear is what we remember most based on psychological studies. Visual executions change to provide freshness to a campaign, but great taglines endure.

I have used one myself. On this blog you will see the slogan “Work Smarter, Not Harder” although this slogan have been used many times but it seem that no popular brand name have ever used it. Another blog I saw is from Matt Mullenweg with a slogan “Unlucky in Cards”. The slogan sounds mysterious but when I watched a video from Wordcamp Philippines, someone asked why is it so. Matt said, in the U.S., there was a saying “Lucky in Cards, Unlucky in Love” so maybe he made a unique slogan for it. Making it vice-versa.

So below are list of a well known taglines and most of the time seen on TV or print ads: (Just looking on the list, seems coke has many slogans. No wonder that brand is sooo famous!)

Come to where the flavor is. – Marlboro

It’s the real thing. – Coca-Cola

Coke is it. – Coca-Cola

Always Coca-Cola. – Coca-Cola

Just for the taste of it. – Diet Coke

The choice of a new generation. – Pepsi

Ask for more. – Pepsi

Obey your thirst. – Sprite

The uncola. – 7-Up

Do the Dew. – Mountain Dew

Is it in you? – Gatorade

This Bud’s for you. – Budweiser

It’s Miller time! – Miller High Life

Tastes great, less filling! – Miller Lite

It can only be Heineken. – Heineken

Probably the best beer in the world. – Carlsberg

Australian for beer. – Foster’s

Keep walking. – Johnnie Walker

The best part of waking up is Folger’s in your cup. – Folger’s

Got Milk? – California Milk Board

Melts in your mouth. Not in your hand. – M&Ms

Have a break. Have a Kit Kat. – Kit Kat

Quality never goes out of style. – Levi’s

Just do it. – Nike

Impossible is Nothing. – Adidas

I love this game. – NBA

We bring good things to life. – General Electric

Let’s make things better. – Philips

It’s a Sony. – Sony

Connecting People. – Nokia

Hello Moto. – Motorola

It keeps going, and going, and going. – Energizer (Bunny)

Let your fingers do the walking. – Yellow Pages

Think different. – Apple

Intel Inside. – Intel

There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s Mastercard. – Mastercard

Not just Visa. – Citibank Visa

Don’t leave home without it. – American Express

Turning dreams into reality. – Citibank

The world’s local bank. – HSBC

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