Two Praksters Fired and Charged for Contaminating Food

After watching the Youtube video on how those prankster contaminated the food being served, it reminded me again of the food our family eats in fast food chains. How safe they are really? how can you be sure if those in the kitchen are not putting anything on the hamburgers or fried chicken you ordered? Worst is if there is a psychopath in the kitchen. This is very alarming if you have a food business and you hired a psychologically unfit person. Yeah, you really need to screen your employees. And not only proper screening, but also proper motivation for your employees. If you treat them right, then most probably you won’t encounter much problem.

Watching the video of those two Domino’s Pizza employees makes me feel disgusted. One employee is picking his nose with a cheese strip then putting it over the pizza dough. I hope there is no booger on it. I’m not interested eating a pizza with booger as toppings. It really destroys a company brand name doing those things. I do hope Jollibee, Chowking and Greenwich Pizza employees won’t follow their example just to be a Youtube sensation.

Just watch the video after this jump…….