10 Things to Avoid in a Business Call

business callsYou’ve probably experienced calling an office trunk line and being transferred to the wrong person who will then transfer you to another person who will also transfer your call to another person. Irritating, isn’t it? Yet sometimes, we are also guilty of being too busy that we evade the responsibility of taking a call and helping out a customer. The phone is an important business tool, and your company’s gaining or losing an opportunity depends on how you conduct yourself on it.

Here’s what not to say:

1. “That’s not my Job”. It happens-a call lands on your local and you’re not the person the caller needs Never say “I’m not the one who is doing that” Instead, explain to the caller that a specific department will be able to help him better and give a name he can look for. For example “Our budget department knows if we have an allotment for ads. Let me transfer you to Susan Sanchez, her local is 3210”

2. “Didn’t you get my text?”. Chances are, the caller didn’t, and in the first place, you shouldn’t be relaying important business info through SMS which can be unreliable at times. Make that call and make your follow-ups or updates on the phone.

3. “Hi is Ana or Jun or Gwen there?”. Obviously, you’re making a cold call, but even if you are, you shouldn’t let the called party know. You took the time to look up their phone numbers, so why not add a few more minutes to that by researching on their full names and other pertinent info?

4. “We don’t do that here”. Sometimes, a caller asks for a merchandise or activity that you don’t have, but don’t hang up without explaining what your company does and how you might be able to help. Example “I’m sorry that we don’t have Honey Glazed Chicken, but we do have Chicken Pandan, Would you like to try it? ”

5. “Can you call again? We’re really busy right now”. If things are really topsy-turvy in the office, forward your calls to the secretary or receptionist who will take messages. Make sure to return the calls afterwards.

6. “I’m putting you on speaker phone”. Nothing wrong about doing this, but get the caller’s permission first before you do, as you would if you were to put him on hold.

7. “I’ll make sure she returns your call”. Do not promise that the call will be returned, Just say that the message will be relayed to the person intended.

8. “My grandmother died yesterday”. Never take personal problems to the office. Besides, you shouldn’t go back to work if you stall feel down after situations like this.

9. “My computer crashed”. Apologize that you can’t help the caller right away, and then maybe you can state why, but never Just shoo away a customer with just an excuse.

10. “I was waiting for more info to get back to you”. Always update a customer with every significant progress you make. Never keep him waiting to the point that he will call you even if you both agreed that the next call or update would come from you.

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