Call Center’s Monkey Business

monkey businessAs much as possible I only want to include things that will benefit everybody from customers to business owners (or entrepreneurs) and to employees. Most of the time the most neglected part of the business segment are the employees. Employees are treated like a commodity. But if you will look at it in a different angle, they are customers too. Without employees, how can you run a big enterprise? it’s a good thing if androids are already invented to replace humans. But in a business sense, we sell to humans. Employers are human, employees are human and customers are human.

Businessmen are human which profits by selling to human beings by paying his human employees to do all the tasks that a human employer should be doing. Without human beings how will a rich businessman command his money to do everything for him? And comparing it to a high technology age that we live today, human mouse click is the most valuable thing in cyberspace and we despise robot clicks because it is a fact that only a human being that can give us money.

Now as we go on, I’ve read in a post that call centers today devised a scheme to increase their profits by terminating newly hired employees by their so called “Training Bond”. See the post here. The condition is if the newly hired employee will decide to tender his or her resignation or will in case be terminated what ever the cause, he will be liable to pay the company a certain amount. In my own experience, I was told by an interviewer when I tried to apply a certain position to their company that I have to pay them 45,000 pesos if I will resign or be terminated. Sounds ridiculous wasn’t it? Your are terminated already then will pay them too? So where is the human compassion? In my opinion, pyramid scams are more tolerable because victims have money to invest but a poor employee that will work like a slave in a call center that only rely with his puny salary then force him to pay when you terminate him……….I can’t say anything anymore, you be the judge.