From Frustration To Fortune

Again I have a newsletter from Mike Litman that I wanted to share and can inspire you. Just read below:

Dear Lito,

Put on your running your shoes, we’re going for a success
ride today and our destination is your brightest future.


(Are they laced up?)

Hold on.

Do you realize how much of our life is on ‘autopilot’? And
not in a good way.

“Mike, what do you mean?”

Some people are upset, discouraged, frustrated, though they
keep running the same thoughts and holding the same

On and on and on.

Our most important ‘tool’ to successful living is how we
think and speak to ourselves.

Though so many people have their ‘thinking lives’ on

They keep depositing the same cr** that upsets them,
creates strife, self condemnation, and moves them away from
their purpose in life.

Come on, if this is you Lito, you know you
deserve GREATNESS in life.

Stop running on ‘autopilot’ in areas that you need to
improve and start bringing AWARENESS to areas that you can
build on.


For thousands of years, success teachers have all been
saying the same thing.

They have.

Their message is this. If you want to change your life,
CHANGE your thoughts.


You know this already. Are you doing the best you can in
this area?

Stay with me here.

Here’s the difference between the masses and the winners in

The masses believe to change their life they must change
their circumstances.

“I want to lose weight. Let me choose a new diet.”

The winners in life know that they are the CAUSE, not effect.

The winners in life know that to change their life, they
must first change their thoughts. Then, their circumstances
will change. And fast.

“I want to lose weight. Let me start depositing lean,
healthy, fitness type thoughts in my mind first. Example,
“I AM fit, vibrant, healthy and I now weight X pounds.”

We must ‘be’ before we do. (read this again)

People who are exhibiting their ‘love’ on the stage of life
(Garth Brooks, Oprah, Tiger, Spielberg), were ‘being’ that
person before the crowds showed up.

Stop letting the inner critic steal joy from your life.

Start changing your thoughts. Start ‘power speaking’ into

“I Am a people person. People are drawn to me, like me, and
love to purchase my products.”

“I love people and care about them. People see this and
love to do business with me.”

Life’s not about “well, what do you do for a living?”

It’s about, “Who are you becoming?”

The VALUE is in the artwork called ‘You’.

You, Lito, are a living, breathing, masterpiece.
Sculpt yourself daily.

Never go to sleep the same person you were when you woke
up. Learn at least 1 new thing each day. (I’ve been
practicing this habit for years.)

You love you. You have so much to offer others. You do.

When you let go what is in your hand (time, information,
resources, money), the universe will let go what is in its

The law of life. The law of love. Whatever you want more
of, start giving it away.

Life is about expansion and multiplication. After you give,
what’s left always multiplies.

Don’t believe me. Look what happens after a farmer plants a

History’s Truth: When we change our thoughts, we change
ours lives.

I believe in you Lito. You’re one special
and unique person. You have so much to offer others.

Love Ya! You’re The Best!

Your Coach,