Here’s What to Keep in Mind When Meeting and Greeting Your Clients

It takes a considerable amount of time, efforts and money to establish a business. And it is when that business leaps ahead of competitors’ and starts translating hard-work and efforts into profits that the business owner gets incentives to work more and achieve more. At this point, expanding the business, winning new contracts and attracting prospective clients have become indispensable to progressing. And in a bid to progress, what are often left ignored are proper business etiquettes and skills to impress. But the truth is that these two things have huge influence on almost everyone you need to deal with in the business world. That is why meeting and greeting, which offers the best platform to have a feel of etiquettes and skills, is so much emphasized.

Many of you get to learn the art of meeting and greeting naturally, while the rest of you keep on wondering and trying to keep it flawless. If you are still unable to hone the skill of proper meeting and greeting, read on to find out what to keep in mind so as to meet and greet successfully and take your business to greater heights.

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Don’t underestimate the power of first impressions: While, for all the reasons in the world, you may think that first impressions do not last long, they can make or break the prospects of your business progress. It may have taken you a great deal of relentless endeavors to fix the meeting, but a not-so-good first impression has enough potential to ruin everything you planned. Hence, it is advised to take more care of perfecting the initial 5 minutes, which are supposed to make up the mind of your client to proceed or not to proceed with the meeting. Ensure that your first impression should not go flat when you have got something really impressive to say in the rest part of the meeting. And when first impression is talked about, the things that are covered in it are punctuality, appearance, communication skills, knowledge, care for the client and time management.

It is better to be early than sorry: If you are coming straight from the airport, say, Melbourne Airport, it is recommended that you should avail yourself of the finest Melbourne airport transfers so as to avoid the possibility of arriving late or arriving exhausted while you were trying to maneuver the hired car through the city’s traffic after a long flight. Showing up late for meet and greet can demolish any chance of your success. If the meeting really means something to your business, then plan everything in a way that you end up turning up on or before the time for your important rendezvous.

Do your homework: This is to mean that you should know whom you are meeting, why you are meeting, what the business and story of that person is and everything else. Addressing your client by his name, applauding him for his achievements and conjuring up remarkable things from his story can leave a lasting impression on your client. Such things would make your client believe that how genuinely interested you are in doing business with him/her. This is very important. Apart from that, it goes without saying that be fully prepared for the meeting. Fumbling while making crucial statements, showcasing half information and rummaging through your bag to find a document are some things that can give off poor impression of yours.

Meet and greet provides that first ground of warming up to the two parties to the deal. While you have been vying for the deal from quite a time now, you should spare no efforts in impressing the client. By keeping the aforementioned points in your mind, you can look forward to a favourable outcome of the meeting. All the best!

Author bio- Sarah Williams is an astute business woman spearheading three companies in the tech, retail and finance sectors. The secret behind her success is that she is never daunted by challenges and never fails to prove her mettle. She is a self-made woman who is passionate about motivating and lending influential tips to anyone looking up to her. Her write-ups can guide you to a better future.