Someday Will Never Come

I wanted to share a very nice article I read from John Chow’s ebook “Make Money Online”. Although the ebook is primarily for people interested on making money online by blogging, it also has a topic of personal development. What I’m referring to is the difference between a loser and a successful person. It is ironic that those who are afraid to fail are losers and not winners. I always thought that winners are people who never fail but on the contrary winners or successful people are those who have experience series of failures before they ever become successful. Maybe there are some who have experienced few failures and I wonder if there are those who have never experience failure, I guess they have magic. So why some people are losers? not because those people always fail, they are those who never tried to act on their dreams because they are afraid to fail.

One good example is those people who are sick and tired on their jobs and dream of having a business someday. Someday will never come unless we act on that dream. There is a big difference between a dream and a goal. A dream is only a dream without action. A goal is a dream with action. The reason why we always wish to do something and never act is because we are afraid to experience failure. Even on a game of chance like lotto, you need to buy a ticket in order to win. We cannot just wish that “someday I wish I win the lotto” but we don’t buy tickets.

So the bottom line is goal setting. Setting a goal doesn’t mean that they will work 100%. It is at least better than just dreaming without doing anything to accomplish that dream. If you like to get a copy of John Chow’s ebook, just Google his blog and sign-up for the free ebook.