The Early Bird Catches The Worm

Although the saying “The Early Bird Catches The Worm” is an old one, again it proves that it is always true. I have proven it that being prompt and early on everything you do will be beneficial to your success. So why have I thought about this topic?  I have a problem on one of my website and even though the work is simple, it is monotonous and I have to do other task that are more important like making a blog post on this site and maintaining my other websites. So I have to outsource this job to someone else eager to do the work. I tried (formerly before in my previous project but didn’t continue it because I can’t find a suitable contractor. So I declined but sadly I can’t get my $10 deposit on that website when I’m trying to ask them to give it back because I discontinued the project.

I don’t remember the details why they refuse but I still remember that I have to avoid it in my future projects. I’ve already known for a long time but my first impression was, hiring people there could be expensive. But I was wrong when I tried it a week ago. I posted a project and after 2 days there were many contractors already applying for the job. There were also 4 nationalities applying for the job but since the project is a Filipino website, then obviously I should hire a Filipino. I’m proud to say that most Filipinos are talented, fluent in English and skillful. There were 4 Filipino candidates I chose  which I think have the qualification I wanted. Among the 4, one of them, is what I think will fit perfectly so I waited for her response to my inquiries. In fact I emailed four of them but I’m waiting for that woman to answer me so I can immediately hire her. But my second choice was the first one who answered and she was prompt and quick to comprehend my instructions so I asked her to give me a sample work.

With just a few corrections she immediately proceeded with the work. In short she is passionate so she got the job. To cut the story short, the moral of the story is to “make the most of every opportunity”.  Do you agree?