3 Tips for How to Keep Customers

keep customersI think this newsletter I got would definitely add something to your coconut shell. This is not something new, in fact it’s an age old belief about how we should treat our customers but in this digital age, there are tools necessary for us to help us boost our business. Even if you are a small brick and mortar (real physical store, not an online store) retail seller, a tool like autoresponder (Aweber) is a big help to enhance your business. It helps us keep customers coming back by making follow-ups. But first you have to get their email address so you will know where to send those follow-up.

3 Tips for How to Keep Customers

by Scot Standke

So you want to make money selling good or services? That’s good. But you need customers to make money, right? It’s obvious. It should be equally obvious that if you have a happy customer then that person will want to do business with you again. And the odds are that the person will tell someone else how great you were to do business with.

However, if you treat a customer poorly over one little conflict or request then that person will probably never do business with you again and you can bet that person will tell a few others how horrible you are to do business with.

So when we look at how to keep customers, the place to start is with treating all of your customers like gold.

Treat Your Customers Well – Always!

You should treat all of your customers nicely all of the time. There is no exception to this rule. These are the people who give you money, without them you would not make any money. Always remember this!

Now, there will be sometimes when you don’t feel like being nice. Some people are jerks and there’s no doubt you’ll run into more than your fair share of jerks. These include people who demand too much of you, people who accuse you of trying to cheat them, and people who just don’t seem to understand what you try to tell them. It also includes people who think that the world owes them big-time, and the world includes you.

First try to be the great business owner and do everything within reason to try to make every single person happy. However, if it gets to a point where you simply can’t continue helping someone because they are just impossible, then move on. It will happen. Just make sure you are polite and respectful no matter what the customer might say to you.


It’s amazing how customer problems drop dramatically when you over-deliver to your customers. For example, you promise your customers a bonus gift if they buy a specific product. They buy the product and you give them three bonus gifts. That’s over-delivering. Always do it. You’ll be building unbelievable customer loyalty and you’ll also cut down on most of your customer problems before they even happen.


Following-up with your customers is a great marketing move to retain customers, yet most people just don’t do it. All it takes is a quick email and nothing more.

A few days after someone buys something from you just send them a brief email thanking them for the sale and then ask them if everything is going okay and if they have any questions for you. Remind them that you are there for them and then say another thanks and end the email. Do not try to sell them anything else, not then. You can send another email a week later, but make sure you first send one email that’s just a ‘thank you’.

So those are three key tips to keeping customer. You need to always be nice to your customers, you should over deliver with all your products, and you should always follow-up on your sales. If you do these three things, you’ll find that you have many loyal customers.

An easy and automatic way to follow up with your customers is by using an autoresponder service.

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