5 Things To Do To Improve Your Luck

If you landed on this page searching in Google or Yahoo on how to improve your luck, this post might help you. Many people including myself are always on the search for ways on how to improve my luck because my golly wow, I can see most of my high school and college friends have a good life and I always envy them when I saw their pictures on facebook, all those material blessings and promising careers that they are enjoying right now. I always ask myself why can’t I be like them? what is wrong with me? I’m educated and finished my degree in engineering, came from a middle class family and my father was a successful businessman but why I’m still struggling right now?

But on the contrary I’m still lucky if I compare myself to the less fortunate. Even if I’m struggling I can still find ways to pay the bills and our daily needs with the help of the Almighty. Sometimes I blame myself why I chose the rocky road of an entrepreneur and did not continue a career in a company or find work abroad a few years ago to seek a greener pasture like most of the OFW today. But I know it’s God’s will so I might as well make the best of it.

Luck, for me, is nothing more like a balance scale that when you put weight on one side of the weighing pan, it will go down and the other weighing pan on the other end will go up if it is empty or the weight is lighter than the other end. A good example is serendipity, where you found money on the street. For example you got 1,000 peso bill and you jump for joy! but wait, haven’t you thought that the poor person who lost the money was for his medicine? or to buy food for his children? or for payment of tuition fee?

In order for you to get lucky, someone has to be unlucky. Another example is wining the lotto. Millions of people have to be unlucky and loose their bet in order for the lucky guy to get the jackpot prize. You got the job? hurray! because hundreds of applicants were rejected because they preferred YOU! You are still in a company despite of the series of retrenchments? Yeah, you are now multi-tasking because you are now doing their job. Okay enough of those rants and lets gets back to our main topic on improving our luck. Believe it or not here goes the 5 ways to improve it:

#1 Prayer – prayer in my own belief is a communication between the Creator and us human beings. You can’t deny the existence of God  because all things that we see are not just a big bang  theory that they just exist because the atoms joined together to form matter and creatures that crawl on land, swim under water and fly in the sky. Even if you are the richest person and owns half of the planet earth, yet your very life was just a mere vapor that is here now and tomorrow it is gone. “What profits a man even though he owns the whole world but loses his own soul?” (quoted in Matthew 16:26). Even if you are the luckiest and richest person in the world you don’t own your life. Just be thankful that God let’s you enjoy the prosperity you have right now and share your blessings. 


#2 Positive Thinking Attitude –  If you whine and always complain of your problems in life, you will miss many opportunities. Remember the story about the boy who was very sad and throwing stones on the sea shore? I think that boy has many problems in his mind and he is sulking. He picked up a handful of stones and threw them one by one as far as he can in the sea. But little that he know that he is already throwing diamonds and other precious stones. This lesson tells us that if we are negative thinkers, our minds are preoccupied with problems and instead of thinking of a solution, we dwell on these problems and miss the blessings that God has already given in front of us.

Positive Thinking

#3 Humility – “A man’s pride brings him low, but a man with a humble spirit gains honor” (Proverbs 29:23). Based on my personal experience, I’m always too proud to ask for help. Maybe for fear of rejection but I’m also thinking that a little pride it is the only thing left in myself so rather than loosing it I might as well choose to loose anything except my pride. But that is contrary to what our Lord Jesus Christ wants us to became. That is the reason he was born as a human being in a poor family, son of a carpenter even though He is God. He endured all the hardships just to teach us obedience and humility. I just remembered our neighbor who was living in a vacant lot, in a shanty and the owner of that vacant lot was kind enough to let them stay. They are a couple, the woman in her sixties and the man in his late fifties. The man was very industrious and makes a living getting scraps from the wet market and doing cleaning chores on home owners in our subdivision. They don’t have any toilet nor running water and he just fetch water from his neighbors. I really pity them and I always share excess food or left overs to them and tell them to fetch water from us. He usually used two pails to fetch water but one day our interloper neighbor took my mother-in-law’s water hose and told the poor man he don’t have to use pails and put the hose over the fence. The hose was attached to my mother-in-law’s faucet so she was angry about it not because she don’t want to share but because the hose was leaking. And you know what? that poor man don’t want to fetch water anymore using his pails. When I had a chance to talk to that man again I told him he is always welcome to fetch water using his pails. But to this day he is proud enough to refuse my help even though he haven’t took a bath for weeks.

Humility Signboard

#4 Believe or Have Faith – it is natural for us to be doubtful that is why in the scriptures the Lord always reminds us that all will be well if we have faith. There are many verses in the Bible that points to the word “faith”. Some of them are “don’t worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself”, “If you have faith as little as a mustard seed you can move mountains”, etcetera,  etcetera, etcetera. Faith is something that we believe that we already have what we want even though it didn’t exist yet. What your mind can conceive and believe, your mind can achieve.



#5 Be patient – “Patience is the key”. Most of us are impatient specially now in this digital age where you can get what you want in a click of a button. Internet marketing thrive because of this and most internet marketers sells ebooks and training materials on get-rich-quick schemes. Multilevel marketing and pyramid schemes can still fool people even though these are old tricks because of the idea of getting rich quick. But in the end many of them lost their hard earned money believing those schemes. Just be patient because “good things come to those who wait”.

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