Aerial Photography Business Idea

aerial photoWhen you think of aerial photography, you would think that you have to ride on an airplane or a helicopter to shoot pictures from the sky looking at a bird’s eye view. Since you need airplanes to take photographs, you need an aircraft to fly you to the air and thinking of such a business, you will be discouraged enough to know how much an airplane would cost or just to rent one, you might have second thoughts if that would be profitable.

It’s because just renting an airplane, even an two seater Cessna airplane would cost more or less 8,000 pesos an hour. I’m not sure if the amount I mentioned is accurate. But back then in 1987 when I was still taking up flying school it already cost 2,500 pesos an hour with a Cessna 152 airplane. It’s the cheapest and oldest trainer airplane around. It would cost you much more if you buy one and the maintenance cost would be a headache unless you have lots of money to burn.

So how would you think of having an aerial photography business if that is one of your dream? that is where AeroEye Asia, an aerial photography service provider can be your inspiration. They use radio controlled helium balloons, radio controlled airplanes and helicopters, and ultralight and full size general aviation fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft (helicopters). Maybe they have a large capital so they have real airplanes and helicopters but those model aircrafts they are using although not cheap, can still be affordable. As a RC aircraft hobbyist myself in the past, I have read in magazines about radio controlled airplanes with a camera inside where you can shoot photographs remotely using your radio controlled transmitter ( the box where you control your aircraft with an antennae). Back then is was not easy to install a camera because there were no digital cameras then and most of them are heavy and bulky.

But today, because of technology advancement there were lots of digital cameras around which you can install in a model aircraft be it an airplane or a helicopter. You also have two options of powering your aircraft, electric or internal combustion engine. If you choose electric, you need rechargeable batteries and electric motors as your powerplant and for internal combustion engine, a miniature engine, methanol and Castor oil for fuel. Some bigger engines use gasoline.

Although those aircrafts are miniature and look like toys, they require flying skills and investments which you will only acquire after many trainings and crashes. Its best to use flight simulator first which can be installed in your PC.