Be Your Own Boss

be your own bossBeing your own boss have been a dream of many people specially those who can’t get along well to their bosses or those who aren’t satisfied with their 9 to 5 routine. There are many advantages of being your own boss as well as disadvantages but it all depends on what we really value in life. We read many opinions about this topic either it’s more secure being employed because of all the employee benefits they enjoy, like for example, fixed renumeration or earnings compared to being self-employed. Unlike being self employed, monthly earnings vary from month to month depending on your strategies or sometimes luck. An employee enjoys other benefits too like health care, bonus or performance bonus and recreations. But on the entrepreneurs side, being your own boss is sky is the limit for your earning potential because unlike being employed, an employee will just have to wait yearly to have a salary increase (it will also depends how generous or stingy your employer is) . If you are lucky enough you can be a millionaire in just a few years of even a few months. And aside from monetary potential, you have the freedom not possible to an employee because being an employee, your time is being paid by your employer. You are actually selling your time whether you do something for the company or just wander around the office and pretend doing something.

But on the contrary, freedom has it’s disadvantages on our productivity as an entrepreneur. Being your own boss is a lot harder than we think, in my opinion. Why did I say that? It’s because we are prone to being complacent and procrastinate more often thinking that since we are our own boss we can do everything we want. Have you hear the saying “Man’s greatest enemy is himself?”. It’s so easy for us to fight something we can see, but since we can’t see ourself, what we do or plan to do, we always assume that we are right. So what is the solution? my solution is out of the box and purely an opinion but it somehow relates to other personal development articles you encounter. Since we are our own boss, we should always think that there are two person inside of us. One is an employee and the other is the boss. You should have a mind set that you should always have a deadline to meet and to present your work to your boss (which is yourself). That discipline will help us motivate and minimize procrastination. Very simple and it works for me. Maybe you should also give it a try.