A Call to Action to Promote Your Business

Most businesses are not believers of good marketing campaign to promote their business. Even the most attractive advertising won’t get a good return of investment if there are no sales or perhaps not enough sales. Specially in the online world, where the only way you can get a customer is by clicking your ads which I think even the most attractive ads won’t budge an internet surfer if he or she is not motivated enough to see what is behind that ads. Yes maybe curiosity is the answer (out of curiosity he will click the ads) but if he doesn’t really know what the ads is all about, then I think there is good chance that it will be ignored.

A good sample is a story of my friend who was also a blogger. He was offered by an online trading company to place a banner ads on his blog. He was coordinating that time with the company’s marketing specialist and they both agreed to place the banner ads for 6 months. The marketing specialist promised that they will extend the ads after 6 months, probably they will buy ad placement for another 6 months. Then they sent the banners to my friend and he noticed that the ads were too formal and the layout was attractive and professionally done. He haven’t thought that there is something wrong with the banners. But since the offer was irresistible, imagine, being paid in advance for 6 months, he didn’t mind what might be the result of the ads.

Then 6 months have past, he emailed the company if they will continue the ad placement. He was expecting a good news but it wasn’t. The marketing specialist told him “We won’t be continuing the contract as the clicks are not sufficient enough to convince the management.” What! that seems to be a very discouraging news. But the question is, who is to blame? is his blog not competent enough or don’t have enough visitors to click the ads? or maybe it can’t make enough sales?

Let’s look at another angle, is the banner ads effective enough to entice internet surfers to click the banner? I told my friend something about the improving the CTR (click thru rate) of the banner. The design of the banner they gave is very good but on how to encourage clicks seems not very effective. Not everyone knows about online trading so a surfer might be looking for something to invest his money but don’t have an idea how. Maybe something like this ads might work…

“Do you like to invest your money and double it just using your computer? Invest Now!”

“Invest in online trading to secure your future, we will teach you how!”

“Best Home Security System that will keep your home safe! Buy Now!”

Most company ads tells people how big they are and what amazing things they can do but seldom says what they can do to the individual person. The question is always “what can you do for me?” and most of the time we need to tell people what to do. For example, Click Here!, Invest Now! Join Now! these word are powerful enough to convince the customers to see what you want to offer.