How to Choose Your Business or Career

On starting out a business or a venture the hardest past to analyze is “luck”. I can assume that no successful business man will deny that one of the contributing factors on their success is luck. Even though you earn a business degree or are an experienced businessman, if luck is not on your side then I can assume that those hard work and expertise that you devoted on your businesses will fail. If that is not the case then all business ventures will succeed because there are a lot of information you can get to handle your businesses. There are trainings available for entrepreneurship, accounting and business management to help a starting entrepreneur or a seasoned one. There are also lots of livelihood programs available like what I am posting monthly from TRC and PTTC. You can take all these courses specially if you can afford the training costs but the question is will you succeed? is it really for you? is it enough to have passion on the kind of business you want to start?

You can also persevere until you succeed. There is a saying “try and try until you succeed” but until when? why is it some who ventures are successful and why some are not? does the unsuccessful one needs more hardwork? money? passion? education? dedication? charisma? or LUCK? I just remembered the cable program “BIO” and the episode was about Bill Gates. I don’t know much about him, the only thing I knew is he was the founder of Microsoft and the richest man in the world. I read articles years ago about his success that he was “born in the right place at the right time”. But when I watched his biography in BIO, I came to the conclusion that he really is brilliant and put much work and dedication to his company. So will I consider him lucky? in my opinion, yes because he born at the right time when computers are in their early stage that needs a “for the rest of us” software. Not everybody can be geeks. Being in the right place is where his interests are, computers. If he was a banker or a mechanic, I think he wouldn’t be the founder of Microsoft.

So for us ordinary guys and gals how will we know our right place and right time? I really am not a fan or fortune telling or horoscope but somehow I was trying to learn something from Chinese horoscope. The site I’m visiting and telling you about is the which at first I’m a skeptic. But when I read my fortune in the past three years, they all coincide. Maybe it’s just a coincidence or maybe the constellation of the stars have influence on our future.

Chinese horoscope compared to the western horoscope have a big difference. Although Chinese horoscope and Western Horoscope have twelve animal signs, they differ on the kinds of animals. Western horoscope animal signs depends on the month of your birth while the Chinese horoscope is on the year of your birth. For example, if your birthday is June 6, 1997 then your western horoscope is Gemini while your Chinese horoscope is OX. But biggest difference between those two is that Chinese horoscope have more accurate method. Aside from the year you were born, there is also a zodiac animal assign to you on your birth month, day and hour where as Western only have monthly. You can learn more about it here >> (More about Chinese Zodiac). For example if a person was born on the year of the tiger, he may have sheep on the birth month, rabbit on the birth day, and dragon on the birth hour. So the person have the characteristics of the all of those animal signs he has but the more apparent was the animal on his birth year.

Chinese astrology have an ancient method of determining you career or business choices. Your birthday has a lot of things to do to the kind of career you have to take in order for it to go smoothly and to succeed. Again the site that have this analysis using Chinese astrology have programmed the ancient arts method so all you have to do is submit your birthday and will give you a free zodiac report of your fate and career choices.

  1. First got to this site:
  2. Then select on the form field your birthday and gender like the sample below and click the “Get Zodiac Report Button”.
  3. Sample Zodiac Report

  4. Then you will see the report with regards to your Personality, Compatibility for relationship and business partnership which is useful if you plan to have a business partner on your venture, Fate analysis and the Recommended Career Choices Based on Five Elements.
  5. On the portion Recommended Career Choices Based on Five Elements you will see the choices based on the elements like the sample below.
  6. The element “water” was the first choice then comes Metal or Wood as the second choice. Then click the link “Career by 5 Elements” link and you will be directed to  to this page:
  7. The guide is used to complement your strength and weakness to kind of lifestyle, business or line of work you should take to make you happy and successful. So again in our example “water” is the element of first choice and the career should be related to fluids and water. Things that symbolized water flow like the people or goods that come and go. Examples are water station or other beverages, business that deals with chemicals, travel, fishing, aquaculture, supermarket, laundry and online store. So just in case in our example the person doesn’t like the first one, there is a second choice that deals with metal or wood.

This sums up my post on how you can safely choose the kind of career or lifestyle for your business.