Be Comfortable by Being Uncomfortable

Have you heard the saying “No Pain, No Gain”? I think if you haven’t heard of that, maybe you are living under a rock for many years now (He he he just kidding, no offense meant). But seriously, many of us are dreaming to become rich or dreaming of having a comfortable life but we are not doing anything about it to accomplish that dream. But really, the only way we could become comfortable is by being uncomfortable. One good example are the sacrifices done by many OFWs. They endure loneliness and hardships on a foreign land just to secure the future of their love ones. Many left their families in the Philippines just to work abroad and didn’t have a chance to see their children grow. That is one good example of being uncomfortable in order to provide comfort to their love ones and their future.

No Pain No Gain

And with regards to business, specially entrepreneurs, being uncomfortable seems synonymous to the word entrepreneur or businessman. The fact is, I thought that if I came from an a business minded parents, it will be easy for me to become a businessman someday. I took life a little easy until I had a chance to run an online business, actually it’s more of a being self-employed. And also, on running a food cart business, I thought it will not be as hard as I thought it would be. But I realized that when you are there, everything is trial and error and you will never know what really works. You have to experiment on everything you do and you will experience many failures. I just remembered my father, when he was running his own business. He was very thrifty and always late at work. He gave us a comfortable life while he himself is being uncomfortable. I sometimes thought he is enjoying it because he can live a lot better if he will spend his hard earned money on some luxuries. I remember he always eats gruel and fish and he seldom buy new clothes. But us his children, yes we are living a lot better and can buy things we want.

Another example is when I was still employed. I think I’ve already mentioned this before on my old posts. My co-workers in the office take life easy maybe because they thought they will never get fired or retrenched. They just work 9am to 5pm and on break time, they always spend time talking to each other. But in my case, whenever I have a free time, I always research the internet and look for money making schemes. A kind of passive income that will be my safety net for the rest of my life. I want to be independent and defy all kind of work related problems like retrenchment or being jobless. I was very uncomfortable that time with the help of my very unkind manager. I also spend hours on the computer in the evening and always sleep past midnight.

The reason why I did all that is because of fear. Fear of losing a job or income. Many of us has fears. So when is the last time you face your fears? When is the last time you dare to go beyond the safety net? If you don’t remember doing those things, then I think you are not allowing yourself to be uncomfortable to test your limits and to grow. Remember, it is impossible to go to the “next level” if you don’t allow yourself be uncomfortable.