Don’t Make Decision When Clouded With Emotion

Have you heard this saying “Don’t make decision when clouded with emotions, because it affects judgement”? I can’t remember who really said that quote, maybe it was anonymous. But I credit this quote from my friend years back when I was still employed in Nikon Industrial Corporation in Canumay, Valenzuela City. His name was Mario Chua and he quoted that to me when I was really depressed and angry that time. I can’t even remember what made me angry but in fairness, those days were the happiest employment days I experienced.

Anyway what I want to point out is the decision we always make whenever we are in a business or being employed. Decision making is really important when you are already handling a business because if you loose it, you will loose much. Specially if that is your lifetime savings or a big big loan. Unlike in employment, if you made a mistake, the company and it’s resources always saves you. Specially if your employer has a very deep pocket.

I want to make myself as an example of what a really bad decision we made. Actually it is not really me but my wife. Since she loved her siblings very much, specially his younger brother, she always see to it that whatever things we have, her brother’s family should have also. My sister-in-law which is an OFW wanted to have a business and aside from having no idea what business to start, she can’t handle it so she asked us to create a business for her. Actually our initial plan was to set up a fried chicken business. We have already finished negotiating to a food cart fabricator and gave the down payment. But suddenly, my wife insist to have a scramble food cart also and she wanted it rushed. In short, she wants to prioritize it because she wanted her sister-in-law to handle the selling.

Now since we are now busy with the scramble business because we are the ones who buy the raw materials and making the finish products, we are so occupied that we don’t have time to start the fried chicken business which is our initial plan. And things went sour when my mother-in-law entered the scene. It’s a long story, and to make it short, there were lots of misunderstanding that happened and we (me and my wife) ended up operating the scramble food cart business ourselves. I make the scramble and we manned the food cart. The fried chicken food cart until now is slowly aging and rusting in the garage. Actually it’s for sale but until now it is not yet sold. What a waste of money.

The scramble food cart is barely making a profit and we are stuck with it until somebody buys the business. If only I knew this would happen, I might as well didn’t pursue this business. Too many conflicts on my in-laws because of an emotional wife. So the moral of the story is “don’t make decision when clouded with emotion because it affects judgement.”