Where and When Will We Find Success?

I think the idea of “looking for success” is one of the many things that many people have in their minds right now. If you find this post in Google or Yahoo, chances are, you are also looking for topics on  how to succeed. Be it financially or whatever things you have in mind.

Success Road Sign

But again, let me ask the question, is it hard to find it? was it inside us or will we find it on other people? Let me share you the quote I found accidentally just browsing the internet:

Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it — David Henry Thoreau

Many people search eternally for success that they never found.  This reminds me of the song “My Elusive Dreams” where the story is about a restless man and his wife, as the man attempts to find an ever-elusive and lasting happiness pursing various dreams and schemes, all which are ill-fated. But you know what? the quotation of David Henry Thoreau is the opposite of what we often believed on how to capture that ever elusive dream we call “success”.

One example I want to illustrate is a President of a company or a CEO who is busy running a company and making sure that the company is making money. That CEO is not thinking about how other people will be judging him in terms of success but continues to be working and focused on his tasks that the job requires him to do.

Another example is someone who is very committed to his work and live his life.  If you are busy doing something, you don’t waste your time worrying. The more you do, the more chances to succeed. So by the shear nature of doing, one would be likely to focused on what is in front of them and not likely the success that will come despite looking for it. Those who look for success is not productive enough to achieve it. There are people who switch careers or businesses very often trying to find the “next big thing” instead of working hard on whatever job or businesses they have. There is also a saying “rolling stones gathers no moss”.  So people in those situation are not likely to find success that they dream of.