How to Find Your True Passion in Business

Well there are blog posts I read regarding the topic about how to find your true passion but if it is not connected to a business or something that will profit you, I think it is useless. Yes I agree it is hard to distinguish what your true passion is because of the many influences we absorb from our parents, relatives, friends or co-workers. Even the media like television or movies can also influence us and I think it might have more impact than the ones I mentioned before because we constantly watch and absorb those influences when we watch television, movies and surf the internet.

People do change and your passion for something in the past might not really be your true passion. Like for example you might get this information regarding finding your true passion:

  • What subject in school you excel the most?
  • When in a library, what sort of books do you borrow most of the time?
  • When you day dream, what is in your mind?
  • What topic are you interested in when you are having a conversation?
  • What things do you do for others even if they give you nothing in return?

All of the above mentioned might give you an idea of what your true passion is but when it  comes to being realistic and turn it into a venture or a business, I think you must have a line drawn in between passion and business. For example, most of the time I day dream to have a very comfortable life like most people do. Most of us dream of big houses, mansion, cars and lots of money but it doesn’t really have a connection of what kind of venture you are going to start.

In my teenage years I always day dream of having different kinds of radio controlled airplanes and helicopters although I have a few of them already. My interest is in aviation and I even took aviation courses but when I grow older I realized that I wanted to continue the business my mother started, our hollow block machine fabrication (To know more about it, read Moving On – To Success) . But I was faced with a design problem and studied AutoCAD. Since I’m not very knowledgeable in computers, I have to study also the ins and outs of computer software and hardware. Then later when I was exposed to the early days of internet, I immediately fell in love with it and dream I could build an empire on the internet as a dot com mogul.

So going back to my first interest, I’m still an RC aircraft enthusiast at heart but it’s not practical because of the high cost of that sport. A pilot error will end up with a pile of very expensive litter. Thanks to those China made miniature indoor RC helicopter, it’s now affordable just to satisfy the crave but I don’t think selling them can be a profitable business. I should look for other interests that has a more market reach and “in-demand”.

Maybe a quick guide for you to know what your true passion is, is to know what you do on your spare time. I still remember a quote from Mike Litman, “What you do on your spare time, is what you will do for the rest on your life”. When I was still employed, on my spare time I’m always on the internet scouring every information I can get on how to make money online, online business, ecommerce and I’m very interested on creating websites.  My co-workers thinks I’m weird because all they do most of the time is gossiping and telling stories.  So if you think you have a passion on something that you always do on your spare time, I think that is your true passion!