How To Give Your Business a Christmas Sales Boost

This coming Christmas there are many gimmicks that we can see on many stores specially departments stores like SM or Robinson’s department stores like big discounts on their selected items or 0% interests on installments. Many shops and stores are preparing for long opening hours and many online businesses are expecting a busy websites because of the holiday seasons. But no matter what type of business you have there are other things that you can do to boost up your sales this coming Christmas.

Offer a Free Day to Your Customers

Every business owner knows that it is important that your customers receive that goods that they have purchased in time. It builds up your reputation. So therefore if you own a business where you offer deliveries, be sure to let your customers know when will they get their purchased items or the delivery date specially when there is a holiday like this coming Christmas. Let them know when is the last day you will be able to serve them before Christmas. You could also offer free deliveries or free shipping or whatever things that you usually charge with the purchased items or services.

Promote Your Best Sellers

This looks like not the usual thing to do because why promote an already popular items? but buyers don’t know that until you tell them so. By constantly reminding them that it is the best seller, you can make a product or a services more desirable. This will make them think “everyone is buying it so I must buy it too”. If you own a shop or an online store, you focusing on the bestseller will create a last-minute sales drive that your customers want to have those in time of Christmas.

Lowering your price is also an effective strategy to make customers buy to you instead of buying them from others. This is called “loss leader” to stimulate your sales. Even though you profited less than usual, your new customers will buy other items from you and word-of-mouth will give you more customers.

Offer Items that are Related

I think Amazon.Com is an expert on this. When I visit the site and look for an item, there is an item or two below that says “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” along with the item. For example, if your customer bought an iPhone, the next thing that the customer might buy is a casing protector or screen protector. Offer other products related to the items you are selling because every products or services you sell, there is always be another product that can be sold with it. One important fact that you should do is for your customer to save money so offer bundled packages so you will encourage them more to buy from you.

Give Marketing Materials with Every Sale

When I purchased something in Save More Supermarket or Hypermart, there are times that they give away flyers containing pictures and prices of other grocery items and food products and sometimes discounts. But I didn’t know then what is the purpose of it but at least I know that some items I missed during my stroll inside the supermarket. So get the idea? Every items that you sold should have some marketing materials to let buyers know that you have that items and put discounts so they will be motivated on their next purchase.

Provide a 24/7 Access to Your Products or Services

This could be impossible because we have to sleep at night or sleep at daytime if you are a vampire…he he he just kidding 🙂 . What I mean to say is giving your customer the convenience of getting in touch with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Before the internet existed, this could be impossible but today you can create a website without hiring or becoming a web designer or a web developer. There are thousands of sites that offer free website creation or you can post ads on free online classified ads portal. Customers can email you for quotes and get more information of your services you posted on your website or classified ads. A mobile phone is also a technical wonder where any customer can contact you anywhere. By providing 24/7 access to your products or services, you will never miss out an order, request or quote. You can also outsource a 24 hour call handling service if you have a budget for it.