House of Polvoron Success in Business

Posted by Manny on August 5th, 2007

house of polvoronMakes me wonder why a simple product like a polvoron can be a lucrative business. This delicacy is simple to make and many have tried their luck going into polvoron making. I have a chance to watch Kabuhayang Swak na Swak that featured the company MOTZ Food Products – House of Polvoron (HOP) . The sales and marketing manager Charlotte Caliwara Tanoja said that there is actually no secret on making polvoron and also showed how to make it. She even let the televiewers like me to see the production area and equipments like the polvoron mixer.

But really, in addition to what she said about the secret of the company’s success, it’s the passion and patience, quality ingredients plus the attractive packaging. Just looking at the packaging makes you think how creative it was which in my opinion attracts the buyer. There are still many innovative ways of making polvoron and who knows maybe someday we will become like the House of Polvoron if we start today.

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Posted by Manny

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One Response to “House of Polvoron Success in Business”

  1. dino says:

    how can I used broomstick in making christmas tree like what I see in your show?

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