How To Become Lucky in Your Business

Luck in business seems a debatable topic since not everyone believes in luck specially in business. And in my opinion most of the non believers are those who have not started their business yet and believe that destiny is in the palm of your hand. But most entrepreneurs believe that somehow luck have a big part on their success. Maybe they define it differently from most people that luck is something like a gold bar will just drop in front of you or a sack of money. Even in winning a lottery you have to place a bet before you will have a chance to win. That is because you did something before luck came to you. Likewise in business, luck will come if you started doing something for it to come to you.

Yes it’s true that some who started or venture into something are more lucky and some are not. Like for example in blogging. Now there are many successful bloggers who earn 5 to 6 figure income which in the past there isn’t any blogger you know that makes a living full time on blogging (How I wish I’m that kind of a blogger). Blogging is just for fun or a hobby since it is only some kind of a diary or journal. In the past no one would ever think that it will become an influential tool and a business. So those lucky bloggers made a right choice although they are not aware that it will become “Something Big” someday. Then why some are successful and some are not not? I think it’s the combination of timing, skill, passion and determination. It’s similar to cooking a dish with the right recipe. There are many ways to cook fried calamares but only few ways to do it right. If your recipe is not good enough, you won’t make a good or perfect dish. So proper timing, skill or knowledge, passion and determination should be combined. If you have the first three but lack determination, do think you will succeed? you know the saying “Winners don’t Quit and Quitters Don’t Win. What if you quit along the way when success is just within reach because you are discouraged when things didn’t go as you expected? If you persevere, then chances are your luck (or in other words, break) will come in an appointed time.

So luck is not just luck after all. Most of the time it requires hard work and sometimes a little effort if all the needed ingredients are already there for you to become successful. Darren of Problogger.Net is a good example. He has a blog Be Lucky which he tells about a guy who became a successful blogger by chance. He also enumerated some of his luck that comes in many forms and he didn’t deny the fact that luck is one of the factors of his success. Unlike many successful people who always tell that only hard work and persistence is their key to success.

And I don’t deny it either with regards to why I’m a full time internet entrepreneur now. Although I’m way behind compared to those successful bloggers, I’m still lucky enough compared to other guys and especially to my previous officemates. The reason is that when I’m still employed, I’m always looking for opportunity in the internet for my future business. I strive to learn how to make websites and learn SEO whenever I have spare time including my break time in the office where my officemate just chat and wander around. I don’t want to rely solely on employment because I know that employment is not a secure way to earn money. That very moment I have made a decision which will someday shape my future. So when retrenchment came, I have a safety net that cushion my impact when my employer dropped me. Others were not prepared and luckily I was earning enough to sustain my family. So that very moment I was lucky because I did something in the past. Even there were many discouraging factors like being alone all the time in my computer, spends a lot of time online and being misunderstood by your loved ones. My wife even thought that I was just playing around with my computer and even jealous because she thinks I spend more time on my computer that with her. Although I didn’t mean it, it was part of the sacrifice. So what does it got to do with luck? luck is a result of a decision that you have made in you life whether you want to be idle or to be diligent.

This is just my opinion and you are free to make comments here if you have anything to suggest.