If You Build it They Will Come – Is It Enough?

I admit that I’m not a book worm so the saying “If You Build it They Will Come” did came to me when I was watching The Biography Channel. That time I was watching the biography of Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum the Ruler Of Dubai. I can’t remember the name of the narrator who mentioned something about that quote. The narrator said that when Sheikh Rashid, father of Sheikh Mohammed, build a port which at first believed to be that it will become a white elephant, now became the largest man made port in the world holding on to the belief “If You Build it They Will Come”.  I also made a little research on the internet but the popularity of this saying was also well known to many people that it came from the movie “Field of Dreams”. Theodore Roosevelt is also well known as the origin of that quote. Looks like it is a little confusing who really owns that brainy quote.

Anyway back to Dubai. It is amazing to know that this country was just a dessert decades ago but now a glittering metropolis, has the worlds tallest towers, the largest airport and the largest man made island off the coast shaped like a palm tree. This was an amazing achievement of Sheikh Mohammed who knows that oil deposit is a very limited resource but have thought another way of generating unlimited income through tourism and world trading. Did you know that businesses can own properties there at very competitive price and offer tax free on all their businesses transactions?

So I think it is not enough just to build and people will flock. There is something you should do to make people come. In many forms of businesses, there are many strategies to create customers. Of course the more logical approach is to build a business in a commercial place with many foot traffic. But what if you decided to build a business on a place where not many people flock? I know it’s hard but there are many strategies that we could think of by just holding on to the idea “If You Build it They Will Come”. Feel free to comment your strategies.