Mini Business Plans for Year 2009

Creating a business plan seems a daunting task but actually it is just a list of something that we wish to accomplish for the months to come. Another form of wish list or new years resolution in my opinion. I myself always procrastinates and even I have plans for the coming months I always tend to forget it. Maybe because I created a lists of things to do which seems very hard to accomplish. But really, it is not meant to be accomplished 100% but because sometimes I over estimated the plan, I tend to procrastinate. It is actually just a guide to follow if you are aiming to achieve something. Like a carrot being chased by a donkey while holding it with a string and a stick.

So in order not to be overwhelmed, why not create mini plans or business plans? small and achievable plans that are not too hard  accomplish. It is more encouraging than big plans. Those plans might be indirectly related to your business like personal finance mini plan, family matters mini plan or investment mini plans. They might be more rewarding because it gives you a feeling of accomplishment every time you succeeded.

Let me share to you my mini plans this 2009:

  • Create more traffic from less than 500 visitors a day to 1,000  not later than Q2 on this blog.
  • Build links from 3,000+ to not less than 10,000 within this year on this blog.
  • Earn more revenue on all of my online ventures. (e.g. optimizing ads, search other online opportunities)
  • Pay at least 50% of all my debts (e.g. Credit cards, loans)
  • Be more responsive to comments.
  • Buy a laptop.