No Matter How Small Your Earnings

I learned a lesson from a store owner I saw when I was watching a television program. I can’t recall exactly what’s the name of the show, but the topic is about livelihood. The store owner was telling a story about how he started his small business, a very small food store selling Filipino dishes and viands. Although he is not super rich now, he now owns a hardware store and his food store is now bigger and he already have his own big house and a few cars.

Street Food Vendor

His philosophy in life is, no matter how small your business or your earnings, you should not take it for granted. Because almost all businesses that succeeds starts small. And if you have several small businesses, even with very small income, if you will combine them or add then together, is will become big. What he is pointing out is having several income streams. Not only one income source.

Most of the time, I scorn street vendors who sells street foods like fishball or selling cheap stuffs. I always wonder how will I survive if I’m in that situation. Specially if you have a job earning a big salary. But the problem there is although you have big income with your nice job, you only have one income source. If you have many small businesses selling street food for example, having a coffee vending machine, a burger stand and an online business, having several income source will give you a peace of mind and security.  Yes it requires hard work but it will be harder if you are already struggling financially. A very painful lesson indeed if you will always take those little things for granted.