Opportunity in Alternative Beverages

Watching the beverage business episode of Go Negosyo, they have showed that there are opportunity in the beverage business aside from the giant cola drinks manufacturers like Coke and Pepsi. Discussing the beverage industry in the Philippines, there are three basic segments:

1. Conventional – this category falls on softdrinks and bottled water
2. Health and therapeutic – for enhancement
3. Rewards – this category falls on alcoholic beverages.

The dominant beverages which composed almost 70% of sari sari stores sell softdrinks and also alcoholic drinks. There are also some enlightening revelations regarding the quality and affordability of beverages with regards to consumers. For example, selling it cheap doesn’t necessarily mean big sale. Consumers does think first and don’t buy immediately even if the price seems attractive. They do question the quality first.

If you wanted to see the video in YouTube just click the image below.