Patience is a Virtue

Patience is really a quality for someone to be successful. Because if you quit, you already loose, right? Many successful people in all kinds of profession reached their goal because of this virtue. I read a Shakespeare Quote in Macuha’s blog about patience and I’ll re-quote it again:

“How poor are they that have not patience! What wound did ever heal but by degrees? Thou know’st we work by wit, and not by witchcraft; And wit depends on dilatory time.”

-From William Shakespeare’s Othello

If you are not patient, Shakespeare said “How poor are you”. Wounds are healed not in a second but requires time. We work using our knowledge and not magic. And knowledge requires time. So if we were not patient enough how will we reach our goals? I want to share my experience on my online ventures and what brought me into it. I don’t consider myself successful yet but to those newbies out there, I might say that they might envy on what I have accomplished so far. When I was introduced in the internet on 1996, I fell in love with it. It’s like love at first sight. During that time, there were no DSL yet available commercially, only a slow modem. I became addicted to the internet and even on those early years I have a premonition that someday the internet will be a good business opportunity. I sometime shop and surf a lot and learn how to make websites and to have a business on the internet. I even made a ridiculous website called Dreamz Island using a free website provider. Registering on a domain is quite expensive those days.

But later in 2001, due to my patience, I create other websites as a hobby but still having a business in mind. I really wanted to create an online store and made research on what products to sell. Since one of my creation is a vegetarian recipe website, I was thinking that some day I could sell health products on that site. When I built some traffic on that site, about 300 a day, I started placing ads selling a pro biotic food supplement. Since that product looks like a good thing to sell, there are many inquiries I got not only local but to other countries as well. To my surprise, I made a good sale to a Canadian with a Filipina wife who bought about 20 bottles on his first order.

That time I wanted to coordinate with a distributor near our place and ask her to supply me and give me discounts and also told her that I’m selling it on my website. She also learned that I sold a batch in Canada. You know what she did? instead of helping me, she told the main distributor about the matter and started threatening me because they insisted that they are the exclusive distributor of the products. That really hurts because my main intention really is to promote Philippine products to the world using my little knowledge in internet marketing.  Have you heard the saying: “Envy Spawns All Kinds of Evil in This World”? So I decided to quit selling and look for other opportunities. I guess it was blessing in disguise because if that did not happen, I won’t try selling advertisements on my sites. I didn’t gave up, I just changed my route. So if I was not patient enough, then I will not see a better way. So keep trying, patience is a virtue. And I also wanted to ad this, sometimes keeping a little secret will not harm us.