Are You Paying Enough Attention to Mobile Advertising?

Before I start this article, allow me to greet you Happy New Year this 2012 year of the black water dragon. This year will bring prosperity according to astrologers and specially those who believes in Chinese astrology. And those businesses that relates to water will have a good chance to succeed unlike those connected with fire. Anyway so much for that topic, what I want to emphasize now is the business trends regarding marketing and advertising. Since the internet popularity explodes, with it, online advertising was introduced and in no time it was accepted as one of the means to market and advertise a business. In my observation and also those who were knowledgeable on online advertising know very well that the ads network Google Adwords (when Google also introduced Adsense) revived the online advertising after the dotcom bubble burst in 2000 (March 2000 to October 2002).  I’m not sure if I’m 100% correct but that is how I observed it. Google introduced Adsense on June 2003 that enables small publishers to participate and I think it is no coincidence that after launching Adsense the online advertising industry was standing on it’s feet again.

Compared to traditional advertising: print media and television commercials, online advertising was cheaper and more cost effective because you can track your advertising expenditures, ads behavior like banner clicks and impressions and other detailed information. Yes online advertising was a great invention and tool for businesses but since the dawn of the internet, computers was the only device capable of browsing websites. And only a few years ago that mobile phones can now be used to access the internet. Yes of course there is an internet device also invented a few years ago and that is the tablet like the Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy and others I didn’t mentioned. So aside from traditional online advertising, are you also paying attention to mobile advertising? According to the survey of, the time spent on mobile increased to 30% from 2010 to 2011. More than the time spent on reading newspapers and magazines combined.

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