Who Are The People in Your Neighborhood for Your Business

Remember the song…..

Oh, who are the people in your neighborhood?
In your neighborhood?
In your neighborhood?
Say, who are the people in your neighborhood?
The people that you meet each day

It was my favorite song whenever I watch Sesame Street when I was a little kid. Yeah I remember, it was Bob who sing that song. If you need to recall them, I think Youtube is the best source of those video clips from Sesame street (scroll down the bottom to see the sample video clip from Youtube). Anyway the reason why I mentioned that song is about what I experience on our little ice scramble food cart business. Honestly speaking I was loosing hope because the result is not what I really expected. We thought that if we set up the business near a covered court, where most of the time a basketball or volleyball competition is held, there will be many customers because there will be many spectators and the place is also near a public school. The place is inside a subdivision so we are also expecting that the customers are not as many as in a commercial place.

But at least we are hoping that we will make a good sale. But days pass by it didn’t meet our expectations. There are also some competitors, directly and indirectly ( what I mean to say is there are sellers who sell snacks and refreshment not directly related on what we sell and there are also the same as ours)  so we thought that because of it our business is affected.

But one day there is a volley ball competition held on the covered court again. The competing team is the school from our place and the school from other barangay. I was surprised because usually, whenever there is a game held on that court, people seems to buy mostly from our competitor who sells snacks. But that time, the players, mostly kids from the other barangay bought our ice scramble most of the time. That moment what comes in my mind that really the location is important in establishing a business. You have to find your customers and know “who are the people in your neighborhood”. It’s not enough that we became copy cats on whatever business we saw and not making a research first if your customers are really in that place where you will set up your business.

So the next time you plan to establish a business, remember the song………“who are people in your neighborhood”.

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