Pleasing Everybody is Not Good For Your Business

In any business having a pleasing personality is always preferred because customers likes to be pleased in order to come back again to buy your stuffs or services. I think many will say that it is a discrimination when an employer is seeking a pleasing personality employee and I see many job advertisement having this qualification specially if the job is in marketing or sales. Sorry if I confuse you with this topic but I just want to emphasize that being “pleasing” is different from “pleasing everybody”. Have you heard of the saying “marketing to everyone is marketing to no one”? what it means is you have to focus or target a group of consumers that are interested in a product or service. Not a shotgun approach where you will sell everything under the sun.

So why do you have to focus or concentrate on group of consumers? the first thing is you can serve better to those group of customers. Yes it is tempting to do a shot gun approach because we think you can sell more and more sales equates to more profit. For example you have a hardware store and a bakery and you are managing it all by yourself and if you didn’t give a good service to the other store because you are too busy taking care of the other, there will be many dissatisfied and angry customers you will encounter.

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Maybe a good example is my real life experience. We are also running a food cart business selling ice scramble and siomai.   My wife decided adding another product to sell, fishball, kikiam, cheesesticks and hotdogs so we could sell more. And lately we added cheap hamburgers and cheeseburgers. I knew we will have a problem because we only have one stove to cook the streetfoods (e.g. fishball, kikiam etc.) and just using a frying pan to cook the streetfood and a stove top grill plate for the hamburgers which I put over the stove alternately. So I cannot cook both at the same time. I didn’t want to invest on the burger grill because we are just testing the market if it will work out. One day while I was manning the foodcart with my daughter (I was lucky she is not busy with her projects and home work), there were 5 customers who ordered fishball, kikiam and cheeseburgers. I cannot decide which customers I will prioritize and I wanted to please all of them but I have no choice but to group the orders for frying and for grilling regardless on who ordered first. For example, 3 ordered street foods and the 2 ordered cheeseburgers.  I made the hamburgers first then  fried the streetfoods. But one of the customers was very impatient and wants me to cook her fishball while I’m cooking and preparing the cheeseburgers. I can see her body language that she was upset and when she finally speaks, I already finished cooking the cheeseburgers (hurray!!).

When I recalled everything, I knew what I did is right because if I will please them all, I won’t be able to serve all of them.