Practical Advice on Time Management

Although I haven’t attended a time management seminar, I have a feeling that its all just common sense. I thought that time management will teach you how to accomplish many things in a short period of time and yet when I remember my previous manager who always boast about his knowledge in time management, he is still lousy.

I read in New York Time website about human beings given an an adequate amount of time and yet we still complain that we don’t have enough of it.

Everybody gets the same amount of time: 168 hours in a given week; 8,736 in a year. And yet a common complaint among entrepreneurs and small-business owners is that they wish they had more time.

So what do we really need to manage our time effectively? Here is an advice from Donald Wetmore, who conducts time management seminars, offers a number of ideas — some obvious, others not — on, a small-business Web site.

Here are some of his suggestions:

  • Plan tomorrow today. If you do not wait until you get into the office to plan your day, you will be that much further ahead. Accept the idea you may not get everything done. The solution is to prioritize.
  • Do not try to keep it in your head. “A faint pen has more power than the keenest mind. Get into the habit of writing things to do down using one tool.
  • Sleep. “You can have a great to do list for your next day but if you are tired, your productivity will be adversely impacted. Schedule a sufficient amount of sleep.”