Recipe Sharing For Your Business

There are many recipes you can find in the internet and they also abound in print like in magazines or even at the back of can goods. But do you know that you can help your business by sharing recipes? I read in Hitwise Intelligence by Heather Hopkins about the recession proof category – Recipes. The analysis is based on the U.S. population, not in the Philippines but Filipinos are food lovers so adopting it will have no difference.

On her blog, she said that:

I recently heard a Ad Age podcast interviewing Suzanne Grimes of Reader’s Digest Food & Entertainment Group discussing an increased interest in recipes and home cooking in the down economy. We on the Hitwise analyst team are always on the hunt for recession proof categories and so I thought I’d put the claims to the test.

Judging by the following chart, it looks like the podcast was right – visits to Food and Beverage – Lifestyle and Reference (a category that includes recipe websites) have been climbing as stock prices have been plummeting.
Recipe Website Visits.png

So it wouldn’t hurt if you are going to give away recipes to your customers or would-be customers. Yes it could be awkward if your line of business is not related to food. But haven’t you noticed that even magazines that don’t relate to food or food business have recipes on some of their pages?

That is why I noticed these past few months my recipes sites have increased it’s traffic and are more compared to last year’s traffic. If you want to visit my recipe sites, see below lists:

  • Filipino Vegetarian Recipes
  • Aquatic Filipino Recipes
  • All Meat Filipino Recipes

Jimmy Santos, a PBA basketball player turned comedian once said: If You Don’t Cook, You Don’t Eat. And If you Don’t Eat, You Die! (no pun intended from this dumb proverb) 🙂