Solutions for Sale

Most people (including me of course, but that was before) know that selling is only with regards to products or services.

The underlying fact if often ignored or not known that:

Businesses don’t sell products. Businesses don’t sell services.

Solution for Sale

Oftentimes we just think of a product or services that will sell. We always look at the market which product is in demand and often just imitate the competitor. Yes this is an effective strategy but the more competition there is in the market, the less value the product or services will have. Remember the law of supply and demand?

So what do businesses sell then? Ready? . . . . .


For example:

Architect solves dwelling problems.

Doctors solve health problems.

Restaurant solves hunger problems.

Remember this.

EVERY Entrepreneur is a PROBLEM SOLVER.

The better you help your prospects and customers solve there
problems, the greater the value they’ll attach to you. And that leads to…MORE MONEY you’ll make.

Let me tell you a short story. For example, when the sky is sunny and someone or a vendor perhaps asks you to buy his umbrella you often ignore or sometimes run away because you don’t need it. Why will you buy something you don’t need? Then came someone who was selling sunglasses and sun visor. Definitely you need something to protect your eyes on the suns glare especially if you are in a beach like Boracay for example. The fine white sand adds to the suns glare.

But an hour later, the sky started to get darker and dark clouds covered the sky and started to rain and you don’t have an umbrella. If you are in a beach, I think you won’t mind getting wet but what if you have a nice suit or dress in a city going to your office? Then a vendor came and asks you to buy his or her umbrella. What then will you do? Of course buy the umbrella! You are looking for a solution for you not to get wet, so the vendor solved your problem. Simple.

Who would think that DHL, FedEx and other courier would be in demand? It is so expensive to ship items by air but it is still in demand. Because time is gold and people especially in this high tech world need to deliver goods in time. People need to deliver goods in a short period of time and money is secondary.

Problem -> Solution. Problem -> Solution.

That’s how ALL money is made. Ask yourself: What problem does my product or service really solve? Am I clearly communicating the solution to my prospects? When you understand how to MARKET into people’s problems, your INCOME will zoom upwards. Why? Because they’ll want your solution. (And give you money.)