You Have to Know Your Stuff in Business

I think it is ridiculous to start a business that you don’t really like. It is a sad fate for someone who is in a job or a business that he has no genuine passion and just there for the money. A quote from Malcolm S. Forbes will shed a light on this:

The biggest mistake people make in life is not trying to make a living at doing what they most enjoy. – Malcolm S. Forbes (1919-1990)

Actually this is about my experience being a customer of a hobby shop. I’m an RC helicopter enthusiast and since my teenage years I really love radio controlled aircraft. But the one I’m stuck with is RC helicopters. I really don’t know why I’m very passionate about it but it gives me the satisfaction and joy whenever I hover and fly my heli. I’ve already stopped that hobby for a long time since my one and only daughter was born. I thought I already lost interest with it and focused my attention on the internet. I also thought that creating websites is the only thing that that will satisfy me after the RC hobbies. But just last year my interest on rc helicopters sparked when I saw those 3 channel  mini rc helicopters with coaxial rotors in SM dept store. Yes I know those are only toys and they are cheaper not only because they were very small but because they are made in China.

Coaxial 3 Channel RC Helicopter

I bought one and enjoyed just a few weeks because it malfunctioned so I was forced to return it and bought a bigger one. But it also didn’t last long, just 3 weeks maximum and I returned it for repair. I have to wait for 3 months because that is the mall’s  policy. Not only that, for your info, coaxial rc helicopters can only be flown indoors because it is so clumsy it can’t handle even a light breeze. I have to admit that those are just toys for kids and not a hobby grade rc helicopter. So to my dismay, I thought of buying a bigger 6 channel Trex 450 clone direct from China. Since  it is just a clone of the more expensive Trex 450, I was expecting that the heli will have poor quality but it seems that it is not as bad as I thought.

Titan Trex 450 – 6 channel with Collective Pitch

The reason why I have to replace parts is because my flying skills is a little bit rusty on a hobby grade collective pitch rc helicopter so I encounter a few minor crashes and also due to my haste and negligence. But the good news is, spare parts are available locally sold by hobby shops. I saw a seller on Sulit online classified ads who owns a big hobby shop and I bought spare parts via online. The service was quick and delivered the items next day through LBC. But when it comes to asking about the details of the spare parts, for example, the dimension of the feathering shaft, I had a hard time asking the owner. I was just asking what is the length of the shaft that he sells because it might not fit from the version of clone trex 450 I own. I don’t know why is it that he can’t give me a straight answer. All he needs to have as a measuring tool is a caliper or perhaps a ruler if he is so cheap. When I text him via cellphone to ask about the details of the parts he is selling, he just ignored me and won’t text me back.

So what I did is search again via online and bought the parts directly from China. And I’m thinking now of selling rc helicopter parts myself. The bottom line is you have to know every detail as much as possible regarding your business. Since helicopters are mechanical stuff, you should at least know how to measure the dimensions of the parts, the fitting or know something about tolerances. Aerodynamics is already solved by the designers but since this is a flying machine, it pays to know something about it. Having a Mechanical or Aeronautical engineering background can be a good asset but most hobbyist do not have the technical know how and some of them are doctors, lawyers or businessman. But as a seller, I think having technical know how is essential to serve the customers better.