Success Principle of Michael Bloomberg

I want to share to you what I got from Mike Litman. He is a well known marketing coach so I think I need not introduce him.

He wrote:

Dear Lito,

I’m a big fan of what Michael Bloomberg has accomplished as an entrepreneur.

Before he became mayor of New York, he built a billion dollar business from scratch. There’s a great story in this week’s ‘Fortune Magazine’
about his company. I suggest you read it if possible.

I wrote an article about him a while back, you can read it below.

Your Coach,


Dear Lito,

Last night at about 11:20 pm EST I picked up a book that I originally read 8 months ago and started re-reading it. When I turned to page 52, a paragraph JUMPED out at me and I wanted to share it with you because it could help you as well.

Personally, I love reading business biographies because they help you SEE the journey of an entrepreneur and they EXPAND YOUR VISION of what’s possible.

This book I was reading was written by a billionaire and he echoes exactly what I’ve been talking to you about. Michael Bloomberg is not only the Mayor of New York City right now, but he’s an incredible entrepreneur and a BILLIONAIRE.

>From page 52 (paperback) in his book ‘Bloomberg By Bloomberg’:

‘We made mistakes, of course. Most of them were omissions we didn’t think of when we initially wrote the software. We fixed them by doing it over and over, again and again. We do the same today. While our competitors are still sucking their thumbs trying to make the design perfect, we’re already on prototype version No. 5.

By the time our rivals are ready with wires and screws, we are on version No. 10. It gets back to planning versus acting. We act from day one; others plan how to plan – for months.’

This is EXACTLY what I’ve been telling you is a HUGE key to your success.

What Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is talking about is the success principle:

***YOU don’t have to get it right, YOU just have to get it going.

(read it again)

For 7 years I was a mess.

I had to make sure everything was ‘perfect’.

I was a paycheck away from not paying my rent.

Then everything changed and, at 31 years old, I’m now
financially free.


Because I live this success principle and YOU must as well.

***YOU don’t have to get it right, YOU just have to get it going.

You should say this to yourself:

‘I don’t have to get it right, I just have to get it going.’

Michael Bloomberg has become a billionaire and the cornerstone of his success is this powerful principle.

JUMP up and take the NEXT step in your success journey.

It’s time to make YOUR move.

Have a great weekend and talk to you soon.

Mike Litman