Effective Brand Name Advertising

Many companies today knows the importance and understand the value of brand name. And there is one company I know that really understood how it works. Do you know that a brand name creates a perception in the mind of customers? And that company is Jollibee, the number one fast food chain in the Philippines.

If you will make a survey, I think 4 out of 5 Filipino children will tell you if you would ask them where to eat, it’s Jollibee. Compared to other mascots here in the Philippines, Jollibee mascot is probably the most recognized specially to children. And the bombardment of television commercials and endorsements of popular local actors and actresses using catchy lines that every Filipino can immediately grasp.

Want a sample of how effective their advertising campaign is? for example, their deliciously crispy fried chicken called “Chicken Joy”. Most kids will immediately identify every fried chicken whether KFC, Mc Donalds or even home cooked fried chicken as chicken joy. The brand name is already imprinted in their minds and that’s how effective their marketing campaign is.

And as far as I know, not only Jollibee knows how to effectively used brand name  in the food industry.

Below are few of them:

  • When you say Lucky Me! well that is instant noodles.
  • “Century” is canned tuna
  • “Ligo” means canned sardines
  • “Andoks” means roasted chicken
  • “Datu Puti” means vinegar
  • “Fita” means biscuits
  • “Goldilocks” means cakes
  • “Mang Inasal” means chicken inasal
  • “Bear Brand” means powdered milk
  • “Marty’s” means vegetarian chicharon


If you can share and think of something else I didn’t mention above, please comment below. Thanks!