The Entrepreneur ‘Gut Feel’

What is Gut Feel? Many schools are offering business courses nowadays because many people have been putting up their own businesses. While it is not necessary to go to school to learn to put up a business, many entrepreneurs realized that it pays to study to avoid common mistakes and shorten up the learning curve that many entrepreneurs learned from many mistakes. But don’t be afraid to make mistakes, its part of the learning process.

There is one school I know that require that you should have at least a one-year-old registered business in order to enroll a course. It is the AIM (Asian Institute of Management). Your performance will depend on how you handle your business, no grades, quizzes or exams.

But on the contrary, a degree in entrepreneurship is not a guarantee that you will succeed. You can’t be sure on anything in business. The only thing you gain is the knowledge, skill, and experience that no one can take but GUT FEEL is still the key. A business degree teaches you only to validate. But when you ignore your gut feel, then it is the day entrepreneurship dies. Many successful businessmen don’t have a business diploma or certificate and rely mostly on gut feel. It is a kind of instinct an entrepreneur has in his mind. So success will rely heavily in the combination of the two, gut feel and knowledge especially now that we are entering globalization.