The Value of Customer Convenience

convenience storeCustomer satisfaction is what a business is all about. Obviously if there are no customers, there is no business. This is why it is very important that we know what our customer’s wants or needs for them to be returning customers and build loyalty. Some companies ask feedback from their customers stated on their catalogs, brochures or websites in order to serve them better. Without this it’s hard to please them, but if you can read their minds through mental telepathy there is no need to ask feedbacks. I don’t know if I have to mention the company I worked with some time ago. Imagine, they don’t have any procedures on how to get customer feedback. They have this “I-Have-The-Best-Product-Mentality”. So the result, they are being beaten by competitors and there is no stopping on their downsizing.

To define it with simplicity, “Customer convenience means doing business the way customers want to do business with you.” Makes sense doesn’t it? customers don’t care even if your product is made from a space age material from the center of the earth, was manufactured in Jupiter, made it’s quality inspection in Mars, packaged in Pluto and then delivered via space shuttle, if they don’t want your product. Simple.

For some tips in dealing with customers:

1) You should observe customer behavior – how are you doing when you are dealing with the customer?

2) Concentrate on their favorite part – for example you are selling a car, most customer want to test drive it rather than listening to a 20 minute sales talk before you hand over the keys.

3) Make the payment processing as fast as possible – nobody likes to pay so make it quick!