Tony Tan Caktiong’s Say About His Company’s Jollibee Brand

Jollibee is the leading fastfood chain in the country and that is only my opinion but nevertheless I when it comes to fast food, Filipino’s have only one thing in mind when they want to eat out. I sometimes hear this joke “halika mag-Jollibee tayo sa mac Do” or “Mag-Jollibee tayo sa Chowking”. ( “come let’s Jollibee in Mc Donalds” or “Let’s Jollibee in Chowking”). Thinking that Jollibee is now synonymous with the word “let’s eat out”. That is how Mr. Tony Tan Caktiong put his effort to preserve and promote the brand name “Jollibee”.

On a video below from WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization), (actually I got it in Youtube) he has some interesting explanation about preserving his brand name and how dangerous it is for a business or company for letting copy cats imitate their brand name.  If companies are not strict on enforcing their trademark, over time it will become diluted and consumers will be confused and will not get the quality they want. Mr. Caktiong stressed that both the company and the consumers will be harmed in the process (probably because the company’s reputation will be tarnished and the consumers will not get the genuine products). So without much ado just watch the video after this jump…….