Which Choice Characterize You? Businessman or Employee

I have frequently noticed business owners say that they perhaps never imagine being employed for someone else, because they like the liberty of being a business owner. Conversely, I have heard employees utter that they in no way want to have their own businesses. They presume that there is a lot of headache connected with being a business owner.

Employee Ideas

I have experienced being both a business owner and an employee, and have observed that business owners and employees have opposite ways of thinking. Some of these key distinction are enumerated below, and may aid you to know where you are suitable to.

Businessman Manner Of Thinking

1. Resolve a problem for someone else and invent business for yourself – a good example, the inventor of the automatic car starter that cranks your vehicle without having to go out of the car, creates a solution for many motorist. It has permitted dwellers of cold climates to crank up their cars from inside a building, thus allowing the inside of the vehicle to warm up before even going inside the car.

2. Enjoying flexible hours – If you want to, you can regulate your work hours to be present at your child’s baseball game or field trip. You may also be able to choose what time of day you work. I have a friend whose husband has a home business, and decide on to work in the evenings. This permit him to be at home with their children when his wife is at her day job.

3. Age doesn’t matter in retirement –the ability to retire is as a matter of fact based on your financial situation. Retirement at any age is a choice if you have a business that makes a lot of income. There are many ways to bring you wealth instead of expecting to win the lottery,

4. Viewing operating costs as an investment in your future – There are some people who always counts the cost but never seeing the value. It is imperative to remember that “in order to have heat,you have to burn wood in the stove.” So taking a course even if you have to pay in order to bring you more business, you cannot see it as an expense.

5. Welcome the fact that earnings can change month to month – You know that it is the gross earnings at the end of the year is the most important.

Employee Manner Of Thinking

1. Inflexible working hours – You exchange hours for dollars. You are also delighted working from 8:00 until 5:00. At the moment 5:00 comes, you are on your own. The things you forgot to do today at work can tarry until tomorrow or the next shift will resume it.

2. Acknowledge the fact that you are being paid as decided by the employer according to what the job is worth – If for example the highest salary you can get is 500,000 pesos a year, your earnings is capped with that job.

3. Acknowledge the fact that raises in your salary are beyond your control – Thus, you expect the next raise, even though you only get it once a year.

4. Only employees ages 60 or 50 can retire – Some companies have Retirement Plans, but you can only get a full pension check when your retirement plan matures.

5. You anticipate your check every month – You are disturbed with checks that vary.

To say it briefly, there are contrasts in how employees and businessman think. On what I have just illustrated, it can help you choose which classification you categorize into.