A Dirty Business Idea – Scoop a Poop

Talk about dirty business idea, but this is not a dirty as siphoning waste from a ‘poso negro’ where a truck siphons human waste and dispose it. As I’m browsing the internet I found a business idea that scoops dog waste and made it into a business. I’m not sure if this business will work in a third world country like us but I think there are places in this country that have a high standard of living like in some exclusive subdivisions.

As I was reading the article, I can’t help myself laugh on this kind of business but as long as it’s not illegal, why will I make fun of it? right? One reason I think why this is a good business idea is the answer on number 9 on the frequently asked question:

9) “Why would anyone pay you to clean up after dogs?” Busy dog-owners are delighted to pay someone to have this done! Many dog owners need a way to dispose pet waste that is both legal and practical. Some cities’ refuse departments prohibit the placement of animal waste in with residential refuse. Uncollected dog feces is a significant contributor to ground water pollution. Uncleaned back yards stink, they annoy the neighbors and attract flies that lay their eggs on the feces and then move on. Pets and people using dirty yards track poop into the house. You can provide simple, neat, and cost-effective solutions to all these problems and more. Lack of time; physical difficulty; and the “Repugnance Factor” mean many people are more than happy to pay someone to do this necessary chore. Some clients even tell us we are a “godsend” and credit us with stopping family quarrels!

To see the whole article, follow this link: homebiztools