Computer Business Ideas: Internet Trainer and Computer Cleaning Service

internal computerAre you Web-Savvy? then I think there is a business opportunity waiting for you as an internet trainer. Being web savvy is not just the average internet surfer who uses the internet. Its a kind of skill and knowledge of various web technologies. Today there are lots of young people who have an above average skill when it comes to the realm of the internet. That is why many have made their fortunes doing things online and their creativity is their vehicle to reach that status. But not every one will become a super millionaire and not everybody is lucky enough to follow their foot steps. But still, being web-savvy will give you extra income helping those who are not very familiar in the world wide web technologies. People like in retirement homes or those who are scared with technology who wish to learn some basic things like making a free blog or a free website. Some may wish to learn more than just pointing a mouse and clicking. You can guide them with regards to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), blog publishing software, HTML/CSS, RSS/syndication, feed aggregators, pings, trackbacks, full vs. partial feeds,blog carnivals (for kick-starting your blog’s traffic), search engines, page rank, social bookmarking, tagging, contextual advertising, affiliate programs, traffic statistics, email

How about having a Computer Cleaning Service business? sounds not a very promising since not everyone is aware that a dusty internal computer parts contributes to wear and tear of a computer. I have an incident once where my old computers’ power supply just blew up because all those dust particles inside the power supply have accumulated with moisture so the internal components were short circuited. Besides, the dusty CPU heat sink, in my observation slows PC performance too because the airflow inside cannot circulate due to dusts sticking on the heat sink that acts as an insulating blanket. The cooling fan also accumulates dusts which in turn makes it ineffective to circulate the air, blowing cool air inside your system and expelling heated air outside (for the power supply). It’s not easy to promote it but you just need a little creativity to convince your prospect on the importance of cleaning your computer just like the one I mentioned (the reasons why cleaning is needed). Regarding the tools needed, just a set of screw drivers to open the casing and a compressor to blow off the dust. In my experience with my previous employment, when I have a task cleaning the computers, I used compressed air which is more effective compared to a vacuum cleaner. Wearing a filter mask is a must whenever you dust a computer with compresses air.

A compressor with a tank is better than the portable one but it seems not practical if you are home servicing. There are other options like a compressed air in cans but might be a little more expensive in the long run so you just have to decide which you think is most convenient. For a final touch, spraying some contact cleaner to areas that a compressed air can’t remove.

If you need more information, there are sites that you can visit where they teach you how to clean it like this one Computer Dust dot com.