Computer Keyboard

I remember when I was still employed in a computer store owned by my father’s friend. It was actually my father’s friend’s son who owns it. It was located in Greenhills shopping center in San Juan but I was only employed there for less than a month because I wasn’t interested in selling computers that time. I wanted to pursue another career, as an AutoCAD designer because I wanted to learn more how to design stuffs and it was really my plan to use AutoCAD in designing fabricated hollow block machines which was our family business before it flopped. My goal then is to improve the existing design to make the noise tolerable enough. Another reason is why I don’t want to work there is both our parent had some quarrels before so I was embarrassed to work for him.  His mother told me that since he was their one and only son, they are looking for a trustee to look after him. They gave me an opportunity but I didn’t grabbed it. I’m too proud I guess.

So back to the computer keyboard story. That time (about 15 years ago), as I was listening from a computer technician, he was telling a story about the computer he was going to repair. It was an IBM XT 286 (he he very funny). Back then XT 486 is the latest CPU it was released after XT 386 which you have to install with a math coprocessor to speed it up a little bit. Then He said, “When I opened the casing of the CPU, I asked the owner of the computer, where did you get this stuff? in a museum?”. We were laughing so hard because 286 was already obsolete that time.

So where is the computer keyboard for God sake! Okey okey, it’s here already. What I wanted to tell you is about what I saw on the Steampunk website, a very unique keyboard. It looks like it was made back in 1888 where our national hero Jose Rizal was still in his adventures. If desktop computers were already built that time, I guess the keyboard will look like this: ( see photo below)

If you wanted to know how to build a new computer keyboard like the one on the photo, you can see his website >>here<<