Gadget Anodizing and Gold Plating Business Idea

While surfing the internet something came to my mind and thought about what a super rich guy could buy and what gadget or gizmo suited for his taste.  I search for the most expensive computer ever created and found  a 24 karat plated golden mac book pro in the Google image search. Sometimes vanity is not avoidable when someone is rich so I thought there is a niche market for that. So I’m not wrong after all because I saw a business website called Computer Choppers that caters anodizing gadgets like xbox, PSP,  laptop computers and mobile phone. You can check their website here :

Do you think that there will be a market niche here in the Philippines for people who wants their gadget turned into a 24 karat gold gizmo? I also doubt about the feasibility of this kind of business here because of the purchasing power of the masses. Only few rich individual can afford it and many still can’t buy an original iphone or a mac book so how much more will anodizing or gold plating it with 24 karat gold?

Anyway we must make a little research first before starting this kind of business. And after that the skills or equipment needed to start this kind of business. Disassembling a desktop computer, a laptop or PSP may need a computer or electronics technician skills but since you are not going to repair those gadgets, maybe just a training on how to disassemble and assemble the gadgets can do. Also, you may need to take a training course on metal anodizing or gold plating.