Home Based Business in the Philippines

When you say home business, obviously the thing that went to our minds is a business done at home. There are lots of home business ideas you can think of and you can search the internet for ideas. Home business is not new and in fact most Filipinos who started their businesses at home became big businesses today. One example is Red Ribbon bakeshop. I remember my wife when she told me about how Red Ribbon bakeshop started. She knew that because she worked there when she was still single, a couple of years before we came to know each other. It actually started as a hobby and the owner used to bake cakes as a gift to friends and relatives  and tied it down with red ribbon. So that is where the name of the bakeshop came from.

Traditional home business are vendors who sold kakanin (native delicaies) like suman, bibingka or cuchinta and other street foods which are usually made at home. You can also produce home made laundry detergents, dishwashing liquid, process meat products, novelty crafts and other things limited only by your imagination. So how about online home businesses opportunities? are they available in the Philippines? if internet was not invented, then chances are we won’t be able to dive in this opportunity. Although not too many Filipinos are aware of it, those who have a chance to harness this technology can earn by selling online like in eBay for example. Some create there own ecommerce websites selling goods like Divisoria.Com and PinoyDelikasi.Com. If not there own products, website owners join affiliate networks selling other peoples products and earn by commision. Others sell their services as freelancers doing article writing, programming, website designers and graphics designers.



By the way, Google Adwords have a stimulus package for Philippine MSME (Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises ). The first 200 businesses who participates that does not have a website will have it free courtesy of STI and subsequent participant will only pay php 3,000 for the website. A php 2,000 free advertising credits on Google Adwords to start an online marketing campaign. And a free tutorial from STI college on starting a website, marketing products and services online and using Google’s technologies to promote their business.

Update: Google Stimulus package is now closed. But you can still sign up on Google Adwords.