Ice Scramble Business for This Coming Summer

Summer is here now and it’s obvious because the temperature is really unbearable. After the cold weather we have been experiencing I think it’s time for a change. And if you are thinking of a good business idea for this hot weather we are experiencing right now, why not try an ice scramble business? ice scramble is one of my favorite treats since my childhood days where I see a mobile ice scramble vendor riding on a tricycle bike while mixing his scramble using a plastic pail and holding it on the bottom. On his side was a big hand mixer attached to the roof of his tri-bike sidecar and after mixing the crushed ice, red syrup and skimmed milk the vendor skillfully mix his concoction. Those scenes are not common these days and what you see most of the time are franchised food carts and one of them is the ice scramble business.

Yes I know it’s not hard to start a scramble business because you can find the recipe on the internet and there are readily available scramble powdered mix in the market. But to think of having a presentable food cart is another part of the story. In my own experience it was the first step of the business which is the hardest part to accomplish because you don’t have any idea how to start to make your own food cart business. You can try franchising but the cost is higher compared to making your own. You just need to contact a food cart fabricator and buy the equipments, utensils and raw materials. And the best part, you can choose what design or name you put on your cart and what business concept you have in mind that you think might be a good side business with your ice scramble business. For example, our ice scramble business is also selling siomai on the side. That is an interesting concept wasn’t it? See our food cart below:

Lucky Gems Siomai and Scramble Delights

Lucky Gems Siomai and Scramble Delights

The cart package is very affordable and it comes complete with the ice crusher, box cooler, container for toppings and mixer. It is also a collapsible type so you can take it anywhere to sell your scramble. It is made of metal frame and wood sidings so it is rigid. And it will depend on you what concept you have in mind in combination with the scramble for example french fries and scramble, squid balls, kikiam and scramble or what ever you like to include on the utensils and equipment needed for the combo.

Update as of Feb. 24, 2016: We no longer sell this scramble foodcart business. You can find food cart fabricators in or facebook if you like to start a business like this.