Make Your Own Summer Jobs

I’ve seen the topic in regarding the 6 ways to make money this summer ( I only chose 5) . I’m not sure if all of them are applicable in this country but at least you will have some idea how to be your own boss this summer. The ideas are enumerated below and I made some changes to make it more confusing ( No, it’s only a joke) .

Go to public places where it is hot and help them to keep cool

There are many public places where there aren’t enough convenience store like beaches, resorts or other popular summer destination. You can try to sell cold bottled water, cold juice drink, sports drinks, cheap sunglasses, sun visors, fan or battery powered electric fan. Be imaginative and think of other things that people might need going to summer destination spots.

Lawn and Yard Care

This I think, is not only a job during summer because maintaining a lawn is whole year round. Those folks who have a lawn that does not have a hired gardener might not want to mow the lawn by themselves during summer maybe because they are out of town or in beaches. If you live in a subdivision, you might see some neighbors who need their lawn mowed. You can advertise by leaving flyers on their house.

Purchasing a mechanized lawn mower might be very expensive and a manual one can also cost you more that you might earn. If you can rent one, it’s better.

House Sitting and Pet Sitting

This summer, many families go to their favorite destination spots and having someone left in their house in order for them to have a vacation is an advantage. Some families have relatives or house maid who were left in the house so they are less worried unlike if no one is in the house, specially if they have pets. The only problem here is trust. Since no one will entrust their house and properties to a total stranger, I think making yourself friendly to your neighbors is a plus factor or if you have friends who happen to have a need on house sitting or pet sitting.

Mobile Car Wash

People love convenience and this is a good business opportunity for those who wants to set up a car wash business. Instead of having them wait and fall in line to car wash establishments, having a mobile car wash or a home service car wash business might give you an edge. Bacically, these are the things you will need: Transportation, business cards to leave on windshields, portable vacuum, a bucket, sponges, chamois, cleaning supplies.

Tutoring and teaching

I don’t know if kids will still love to study during summer because it’s vacation time. I remember what Elmer in Looney Tunes cartoons said ” No classes, no more books, no more teachers dirty looks”. Here in the Philippines, summer is school break (April and May) and there maybe some students who needs to catch up on some subjects during summer or to those college students who were enrolled in summer classes to take subject in advance so they wouldn’t have to take that subject next year. This is a good opportunity to help students in their studies and also earn some cash.