Pest Control Business Idea

pest controlI guess in this kind of business, many will be disgusted because you are actually dealing with pests like rodents, termites, cockroaches, and other insects that annoy us, it can also be a health risk and sometimes destroy our property. Like for example, a termite. Although termites are very small, they are destructive to our homes if not properly eliminated. A whole house can be torn apart by those tiny insects not because of their size, but because of their enormous numbers that eat the structures of our house. Most houses are built with wooden structures and even modern housing today use wooden structures on the roof and ceiling even though the walls are made of concrete. There is a time while I was working in an office building with all of the structures made of concrete, I saw traces of termites on the floor near the wall. My workstation and our department’s cubicle was parallel to the wall. That time I was having an allergic rhinitis often and sometimes there are patches on my skin due to allergy. I notice there was a wooden molding for the electrical wire on the wall which is near my work place. One day the technician removed that molding and there I saw were lots of termites and the wooden molding has already been devoured by those little pests. Now I know why I always sneeze inside an air conditioned office.
Even if your house is termite proof (I mean everything is made from steel and concrete), having termites around can also be a health risk. Normally in our dwelling, most of the things are made of wood like furnitures and also there are things made from paper like books and boxes, which termites loves. So starting a pest control business can be a lucrative one. There are many types of pest control business: for example Terminix, which only deal with insects. Other pest control services deals only with rodents, and others specializes on both insects and rodents. These are all home pest control but there are other categories like garden pest control or lawn pest control. There are also various ways of controlling pest like chemical-based sprays and organic-based sprays (organic pest control) so its up to you which type you will consider on your planned pest control business.

There are some DIY (Do-It-Yourself) methods on eliminating termites but that is mostly termite prevention. For example, avoiding moisture accumulation from the foundation which the termites need survive. Diverting all the possible water source away from foundations which is the best way to prevent soaking the wooden parts of your house specially the foundations. Avoiding contact of soil to wooden parts of the house is another preventive method. But most of the time people won’t think or bother on how to prevent termites until it’s too late so the best option for them is to call a professional. Even if they did so, there are methods that will not work on the kind of treatment they did. Some treatment will not work on the kind of termite they are dealing with so then this business opportunity comes in, which is in the form of pest control services.