Water Powered Car

This is nothing new. In fact it was already invented by a Filipino inventor named Daniel Dingle 30 years ago and I remember that I heard it in the news when I was a little boy. But that invention never reached the market and up to now people are clamoring about the oil prices and transportation cost. If that invention did reached the market and all our vehicles were converted to water powered, maybe our economy will get better. But in these times where the crude oil prices plummeted, this might not be too important. Because of the global economic crisis, many oil producing companies are reducing their production and that have a negative effect on the global crisis. Many workers will not be needed anymore until the demand rises.

I don’t know if this invention will truly help the economy because as I have said before, oil companies will be affected and along with it, job of so many workers including OFW. But on the environment, this will truly help because there will be no emissions from vehicles. Why is that? because this technology uses hydrogen as fuel. When hydrogen is combusted, it has no emission and will produce a little bit of water. And the easiest way to derive hydrogen is from water. Water is produced by electrolysis which separates the water into hydrogen and oxygen. What is amazing on his invention is the ability to produce hydrogen fast enough without the need for a reservoir or tank. So the danger of explosion is already eliminated unlike LPG powered vehicles where there is a chance of explosion when there is a leakage.

I saw on youtube his demo where there is a small container the size of a car battery beside the radiator where the water is contained. In that box is where electrolysis happens and the hydrogen produced is injected directly in the carburetor. Mr. Dingle said that hydrogen is 14 times lighter than goes directly on the combustion chamber. See the video after this jump….

Mr. dingle had an alliance with Ethos HyroGenX and the technology is already for sale in the form of convertion kits for your vehicles. You can see their site >> here <<

You can also visit his foundation site: Daniel Dingle foundation site