Comparison Between a Businessman and an Entrepreneur

Posted by Manny on March 8th, 2010

Although I know the meaning of the word entrepreneur, I always assume that an entrepreneur is synonymous to a businessman. But just yesterday I was reminiscing my past employment days when I had a chance to meet the owner of the company I’m working with. He was a foreigner, a Swiss, which only visits his company here in the Philippines once a year. That is the kind of boss I really like to have. You only meet him once a year, he he he, just joking. I always consider him as an entrepreneur and he handles his business satisfactorily but not as efficient as I would expect.

He is a kind of person that who wants to do everything himself because he was very keen in details. He wants to know exactly what is happening on his company and employees which I know is also important but managing a multinational corporation, it will be impossible to manage everything. That is why there are managers to do his tasks.

He is the CEO of his company but I would not consider him as an entrepreneur because he was not the founder of his business. It was owned by his father-in-law, the entrepreneur himself. So the comparison between a businessman and an entrepreneur is that the businessman runs an  existing business laid down by the entrepreneur. So in other words an entrepreneur can be a businessman but a businessman cannot be assumed to be an entrepreneur unless he is the founder of the business. So the next time you see in television or print ads that describes himself as an entrepreneur but is running a franchise business or a kind or business already existing which he inherited from his parents, well, you know what to think. 😉

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Posted by Manny

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4 Responses to “Comparison Between a Businessman and an Entrepreneur”

  1. Manuel says:

    @Dexter |
    He he I thought it was the same also and even if I knew it years ago I still always forget about it.

  2. Nice to know this things… 🙂 I thought it is just the same

  3. Manuel says:

    @Peter Allan Mariano
    Yes you are right. Thanks for your comment!

  4. We share the same thoughts about entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is about creating something new – a new product, concept, service, etc that caters to a particular need of the populace. Galing!

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