Entrepreneurship – The Road Less Traveled

Since the title above is really the theme of this blog, it is interesting to understand the question “Why be an entrepreneur?” The easiest way to earn money is get your college degree and work with someone else. Why take the road less traveled? many don’t have the patience, the courage and the heart to go through it. It is embarrassing to say that I myself is afraid to take that road that is why I took the path to employment for many years. The only reason why I did that is because I need to survive when our family business went out of business. But still there is a fire kindling inside me that I have to have my own business because I know what it is to became an employee and to be an entrepreneur. Although running a business is really hard (which is the road less traveled), but the rewards you will reap afterwards is insurmountable if you succeed and overcome the obstacles.

Asphalt Road with Clouds

I remember when I was a little kid watching my father’s workers work day and night just to earn a living. Every week they get their wages in envelopes and many are requesting petty cash just to make ends meet. That scene always makes me think, what if they were terminated? how will they earn? when they get old and retire, where will they get their income? On the other side, when I see my father, he works very hard, goes to his business early in the morning and went home in the evening.

He always thinks of his business and it was his life. He is also very stingy and live a very simple life. It’s because he started being a poor worker and learned to cope up with life because of his discipline. Yes it’s really hard specially if you will start from zero or from scratch. And he even told me a story when he was just a little boy. Life is hard then and he even drank the soft drink from a broken bottle and try to remove the broken glass by straining it in a cloth. I guess he is just telling me how to value things and the blessings we enjoy.

Although he didn’t become a super businessmen or a tycoon like other successful businessmen, I think he was successful of one thing – being his own boss. Businessmen don’t retire as long as they are inspired to continue their legacy. And this is the only reason why my father became disinterested to pursue his business and sold it. He lost interest on his business. So this situation makes me think, who is more financially secure?

So what did experience teach me after working from a company for more than 12 years and being self-employed today? Shall I take the road less traveled or the easier road? It’s hard to tell because I can’t see myself already successful. Anyway I got a video from Youtube which I think will inspire you. It’s kind of a short story of how he started his computer shop in Bondoc Province. It’s not really a video, it’s more of a power point presentation but it’s alright because the contents are inspiring.

See and click video below: